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Loyalty Program

Our Frequent Parker Program and Rewards

To enroll in our frequent parker program, simply park with us and receive your frequent parker card. When you activate your frequent parker card, you will receive the credit from your initial parking stay. It’s that easy!

Only a few of our competitors offer rewards to returning guests. The few that do keep the terms of the offer shrouded in secrecy and their daily rate is quite expensive. When you finally figure out the terms, you will find that they offer a free day of parking for every $140 you spend on parking. Our program offers you a free day for every $100 spent. We offer the lowest prices, the best service, and the best frequent parker program at Newark International Airport. Welcome to Newark Liberty Parking.

  1. Pick up a Newark Liberty Frequent Parker Card from our cashier. You will earn one Frequent Parker Point for every $1 spent.
  2. Register your Newark Liberty Frequent Parker Card online. This will allow you to manage your account, and see your parking activity. If you would like to redeem your points, there’s no need to print out a certificate online, just tell the cashier before you exit.
  3. Use your Newark Liberty Frequent Parker Card every time you stay. Use it at entry and you don’t even need to pull a ticket. Use it when you exit with a credit card at our automated check-out lane, or link it to a valid credit card and you do not even have to provide one at exit.

Manage your account and check your balance online. To learn more about the Frequent Parker Program, read our frequently asked questions.